About Us
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About Us


CBO’s mission is to collect for you as much of your accounts receivable as fast as we can. We engage with clients who value a strong partnership ethic.

We employ many intelligent and talented people dedicated to serving this mission for you — these include Certified Medical Coders and Certified Revenue Cycle Billing Specialists.

CBO has developed a proprietary RCM business intelligence platform with tremendous claims workflow, data analytics, and reporting capabilities that leverages technology to accelerate and maintain revenue cycle gains for your benefit.

With constant financial pressures bearing down on critical access hospitals and rural health clinics, from changes in Medicare / Medicaid, and commercial insurance rules, to greater patient responsibilities to pay healthcare bills there is really no time to waste.

If you’re serious about getting the job done, call us.
We can do it together.

Kevin R. Kirk
Chief Operations Officer

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission at CBO, in partnership with you, is to transform your revenue cycle from its current state to one which functions efficiently and outperforms anything you have previously experienced. Our end goal is to collect more of your accounts receivable as fast as we can. The mission of your hospital or rural health clinic depends on the success of this partnership.

Our vision is to bring innovative technologies, talented people, and efficient processes together to achieve dramatic improvements in your financial success related to revenue cycle.

We value and seek to engage clients who want to establish and work within a collaborative partnership. We also value hardwork, honesty & integrity in dealings with our clients, colleagues, partners and vendors. CBO and our client partners serve many stakeholders and we desire to recognize and honor these relationships.

We believe that true success is achieved by aligning and focusing the collective efforts towards the realization of our clients goals.


Our roots are in serving the revenue cycle needs of Critical Access Hospitals. We understand the unique challenges faced in rural communities. Some of our clients have been with us since our inception.


Rural American healthcare is faced with many challenges. Recruiting physician and clinical staff is one. So too is finding qualified and experienced billing & collections staff. Without proper and rigorous attention to every aspect of RCM no hospital or clinic is immune from financial distress.


We are focused on the revenue cycle needs of rural American healthcare entities. Some our our staff grew up in communities we serve. Because CAH’s and rural health clinics are by nature smaller, many RCM companies overlook them as clients, others may take them on but they can become lost in the mix as larger accounts get the focus and efforts.
Our mission, systems, processes and people are focused on one niche – rural health. We can be your entire billing and collections department, or provide a subset of RCM services.

Meet our team

Kevin R. Kirk

Chief Operations Officer

Kevin has been with Inland Imaging for more than 20 years and has served the organization as Director of Marketing and Director of Business Development.
Prior to joining Inland he work for Premera. In his late teens and twenties, Kevin worked in rural communities throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Utah serving the commercial grain elevators throughout this region. Kevin has an MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. He is focused on building an organization dedicated to achieving strong, reliable and sustaining results for our clients.

Jeneisa Sudbrink

Director of Operations

Jeneisa is our Director of Operations and is responsible for all operations at CBO. Jeneisa combines deep revenue cycle experience and knowledge with a drive to achieve client goals. A key driver in developing and implementing our proprietary claims workflow management platform, Jeneisa embraces innovative technologies to fulfill our mission. Jeneisa values collaboration and fosters a spirit of teamwork in all her activities aligned to maximize collection of our clients accounts receivable.

Tracy Dobson, CRCP


AAHAM Certified
Revenue Cycle Professional

Tracy exercises leadership and management of our Regulatory Billing group.
Tracy has more than 20 years experience in RCM, 11 years managing billing and collection services for CAH’s and Rural Health Clinics. Tracy has an excellent command of Medicare and Medicaid rules and other governmental health programs giving you a significant advantage in billing correctly and getting paid promptly. In addition, she has many years experience with ER, anesthesia, pain management, surgery, and other specialties.

Stacy Allen, CRCP


AAHAM Certified
Revenue Cycle Professional

Stacy leads our Commercial Insurers Billing and Collections group. This requires a capacity to research, understand and navigate and communicate to staff a labyrinthine collection of rules from a myriad of payors. Stacy demonstrates a strong capacity to manage her staff, set priorities, and monitor progress in a very complex situation. Stacy keeps staff up to date through regular training sessions as well as developing standard operating procedures to reduce variance and ambiguity in claims processing. Stacy also takes a very active role in managing and pursuing appeals of claims to get what is rightfully owed to clients.

Jacquie Bond


Jacquie leads our Customer Service group. It is this group of individuals who are entrusted by our clients to represent them in the telephone conversations related to billing inquires and collection of patient self-pay accounts, screening for financial assistance, and establishment and collection of installment payment accounts. Jacquie has a positive approach in her dealings with staff and patients and conducts her group’s mission with a high level of professionalism. Jacquie’s mantra: Happier customers are more likely to pay. This philosophy helps keep strong patient satisfaction even with oft time’s difficult conversations.

Tamara Fryman


Tammy is responsible for the collection of business data and turning it into consumable, informative information for our clients, our executives, and staff. Tammy is an independent thinker who lives and breathes business intelligence analytics. In this role, Tammy creates prioritized claims and denial worklists in CBOSS for our staff based on our client priorities and goals. In addition, she creates month end reporting which includes high level slide sets for executive review and detailed actionable, granular level reports for CBO and client staffs. Identification and trending of claim problems is a central component to satisfactorily resolving the issues and getting paid.

If you’re serious about getting the job done, call us. We can do it together.
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