CBO Technologies
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CBO Technologies

Innovative Technologies

CBO embraces the use of innovative technologies to support and further our mission. 2019 was a watershed year for CBO with the ‘go-live’ of our groundbreaking proprietary productivity platform. This highly customizable data analytics and workflow tool enabled vastly improved capabilities in executing on the RCM goals of our clients. We have coupled the raw horsepower of the platform with the data visualization capabilities of Tableau®. The results for our clients is data which is much more easily consumed and understood. Tables of numbers are replaced with graphics depicting key factors impacting a hospital or clinic’s RCM – whether they are positive impacts or negative we present high-level executive overviews as well as actionable detailed reports for managers and line staff. These reports equip facility personnel with the information necessary to educate staff where and how to make necessary fixes within operations to achieve and maintain RCM gains.


Data Analytics & Claims Workflow Management

CBO has developed proprietary technology that enables advanced data analysis and the ability to manage vast quantities of data quickly and efficiently. Our productivity platform extends data analytics to claims workflow management. It’s our secret sauce. Our clients, and CBO, are freed from many host system limitations for analyzing data for trends of all kinds whether clearinghouse rejections, insurance company denials or other factors impacting claims collections. We can systematically identify trends, where they are occurring and prioritize them and the root causes for correction, resulting in current and future revenue cycle improvements.


Data Visualization

As part of our continuing commitment to embracing evolving technology to further our mission and client goals, we are moving the visualization of data from tabular format to graphic formats. Client performance data is ported into software that makes it much more easily consumed and understood. In addition to high level executive reporting, we tailor granular, actionable data sets for CBO and facility staff. The ability to display data in an end-user friendly and consumable way enhances the ability to dig into and address priorities.



We are committed to keeping our clients patient data safe. We combine process, procedures and technology to help minimize the chance of a breach. Protected Health Information (PHI) is part and parcel of everything we do. And we take it seriously. Any PHI data entrusted to us is locked down by industry standard 128 bit encryption technology. We also use encrypted emails when they include PHI.

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